Local Development Strategy & Summary

The Monaghan Local Development Strategy (Full Version) and a summary of the strategy (which provides a succinct 5 page synopsis of the themes, objectives and strategic actions under which potential projects can be supported) are available by clicking the links below.

Monaghan Local Development Strategy (full version) pdf icon

Monaghan Local Development Strategy (summary document) pdf icon

The Monaghan Local Development Strategy is also summarised below in table format.

A list of potential projects that could fit under the Monaghan Local Development Strategy and comply with the LEADER national operating rules is available by clicking here: Potential Projects. These examples are only a guide, the list is by no means exhaustive and it does not mean that your project idea is not eligible. If you have a project idea, contact the Monaghan LEADER office on 042 9749500 and talk to one of our Development Officers or e-mail us at .

Monaghan LEADER aims to develop sustainable rural communities throughout County Monaghan, through the provision of a programme that will reduce poverty, promote social inclusion and economic development by stimulating development in Enterprise, Tourism, Community Services and protect the rural environment.
Leader Local Dev Strategy