LEADER Application Process


Applying for LEADER funding is a two step process.

Step 1: Expression of Interest Form (EOI)

The Monaghan LEADER programme provides funding under LEADER Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2022. We welcome project applications across the county that promote social inclusion, develop the local economy through enterprise and tourism, and protect the environment. Read more about LEADER on our website here.

NOTE: This Expression of Interest (EOI) form must be completed as a pre-cursor to an application proper for funding under the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014 – 2022 (LEADER).
Failure to complete this form completely will result in a delay in dealing with your Expression of Interest and any further processing of any subsequent application arising therefrom.

Completion Guidance Notes:
  • Please complete this form in full. All fields are mandatory.
  • You can complete this electronically at https://forms.gle/NzqZ2PjX9xHqucVeA
  • Alternatively, if you contact us using the contact details below, we will email or post an EOI form to you.
  • You can return this form with any additional information you feel may be of relevance to your Expression of Interest to Monaghan LEADER, Monaghan Integrated Development CLG, Unit 9, Drumillard Business Park, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, A75 HR59
  • A hardcopy of this form can be obtained from Monaghan LEADER, contact below to receive.
  • A Rural Development Officer from Monaghan LEADER will contact you when your Expression of Interest Form has been reviewed.
  • If you require assistance in completing this form, please contact Monaghan LEADER at  or 042 9749500

The EOI form is the first step in seeking funding support through LEADER RDP 2014-2022. This EOI must be completed to confirm the eligibility of your Project Proposal in accordance with the LEADER Operating Rules of LEADER RDP 2014-2022 and to check that your proposal complies with the Monaghan Local Development Strategy. Include as much information as you can on this EOI to provide us with a clear as possible picture of what your proposed project entails. If and when your proposal is confirmed as eligible, you will receive a full LEADER Application Form and guidance notes. The submission of this EOI form does NOT constitute an application for funding.

For more information, contact Monaghan LEADER at  or 042 9749500

LEADER is funded by the Department of Rural & Community Development.

Step 2: LEADER Application Form

If your proposed project is deemed eligible, you will receive your LEADER Application Pack and an invitation to attend a Pre-Application Workshop that will provide you with assistance and guidance on completing the application form. Fully completed application forms with all supporting documentation will be assessed by an Independent Evaluation Committee who will make a recommendation, and a final decision regarding funding will then be made by Monaghan Local Action Group. LEADER Development Staff will be available to answer any queries on or telephone 042-9749500.

Downloadable Application Documents
A copy of the LEADER full application form is available directly from your assigned Development Officer. A copy of the LEADER Application Form Guidance Notes is available by clicking here,
Below is a list of reference documents for applicants in the process of completing the full application form. Your assigned Development Officer can provide guidance on which documents below (if any) are required for your particular project.