Tus & RSS Work Placement Schemes

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The Tús initiative is a community work placement scheme providing short-term working opportunities for unemployed people. The placement opportunities benefit community and voluntary organizations.

How Tús Works

The Participant
The Department of Social Protection randomly selects individuals from the live register and write to them to determine if they are interested in participating in the scheme. At this point the names and contact details of the interested individuals are sent to MID. All the people referred to MID are invited to attend an informal interview with a Tús Supervisor to try and match them with community work opportunities identified in their locality. In this programme, unemployed individuals interested in participating in the Tús Scheme are not allowed to make applications directly.... more


The Rural Social Scheme is a government initiative funded by the Department of Social Protection and administered in Co. Monaghan by Monaghan Integrated Development CLG.


The scheme provides an opportunity for farmers or their spouses, and in some cases their children or their siblings to earn additional income through employment provided in their local communities. The main aim of the RSS is to use the skills and knowledge of the local farming community in the development of local amenities, facilities, and services. All the work carried out by participants on the RSS will be community-based... more