Monaghan Integrated Development CLG strongly believes in the value of partnership and working together. We know that social issues have multiple causes which no single agency can resolve working alone. Therefore we seek to combine our experience and technical expertise in the development and community sector with the research capabilities of the educational sector and the know how of the business community.

We are always actively seeking to draw on the skills of a variety of partners in order to maximize our impact and achieve our mission of delivering actions across the rural, economic, and community development sectors and within our labour market activation programmes.

Our partnership approach begins at Board Level, where Directors from the community sectors along with those from statutory organisations and social partners participate in strategy development, policy-setting and advocacy. The different skills and experience mix helps to develop new and better ways of responding to the needs of the county. 

MID invites those interested in developing a strategic partnership to contact us to see how we might add value to your work and deliver more efficient and effective programmes for our clients.


Private Sector Companies

By working with Monaghan Integrated Development CLG, your organisation can contribute to development work and support disadvantaged communities, while at the same time fulfilling your commitment to corporate social responsibility. We can work closely with you to design a partnership programme between your organisation or company and ours, offering an increased visibility for your company throughout the county and enhancing your image in the public’s perception. This increased presence of a company’s name and logo leads to increased brand recognition throughout the community.
Furthermore, research has shown that these partnerships contribute to a sense of staff pride in seeing their company make a difference in the community around them.

Public Sector Agencies

In recent years, a collaborative way of working has emerged in the context of the delivery of state services, some of which have been contracted out or delivered in partnership with a variety of agencies. These partnerships and collaborative relationships can bring significant benefits to both parties, delivering local services in a way that can respond better to real local needs. Monaghan Integrated Development CLG has many years’ experience in working with local communities in the county and thus is in a unique position to address growing social needs and problems.

Pro Bono/Consultants Advisors

Pro bono work is a valuable way of providing assistance to some of the most vulnerable people in society. Monaghan Integrated Development CLG offers many opportunities for such work. For example, consultants can work with community groups in conducting needs analysis, or architects assist in the planning and design work for community facilities. Legal students could also gain valuable advice in working in information clinics with migrants. In each case, this is a way of making a valuable contribution to your local area as an individual, as well as developing your company in the area of corporate social responsibility

Academic Institutions

When Development Companies and universities work in tandem to push the frontiers of knowledge, they become a powerful engine for innovation, economic and social change. The benefits this brings to university courses include the provision of real-life contexts which helps to keep teaching and learning on the cutting edge of a discipline and the stimulating impact of delivering solutions for pressing social challenges facing our communities. Through the identification of shared goals and shared policy, an operational partnership can be developed between a particular academic department and elements of Monaghan Integrated Development's (MID's) work, for example in the areas of rural development or social inclusion. A transactional partnership could see members of the University faculty delivering elements of training programmes or workshops, or MID staff contributing to courses in the University setting.